Here's a list of links to some of my favorite sites on the web.


CGTalk A very helpful graphics forum frequented by some of the most talented artists from around the globe (and me!). If you have a question about computer graphics this is the place to ask it.
deviantART A hosting site for artist's galleries with a wide range of users.
Nether The home site of my friend Neil which includes a gallery of character sketches and paintings.


Apple Of course.
Macworld Daily updated news site covering all Mac topics.
MacFormat General interest Macintosh magazine. Where I used to work as the Cover CD editor.
XLR8YourMac A haven for Mac technical information.
IconFactory Tart up your Mac's Desktop with some tasty new icons.
VersionTracker Keep up-to-date with VersionTracker's listing of new Mac demos, shareware, freeware and patches.


GameFAQs Hosting site for game tips, walkthroughs and discussion boards.
Play This Thing A games review site covering homebrew indie titles.
Cinemassacre Home of the angry video game nerd, James Rolfe, who reviews crappy old console games.
Fully Ramblomatic Zero Punctuation's website. The British expat living in Australia who records verbose video reviews of new console games.


VGCats A really cool gaming inspired comic. With added Cats!
Applegeeks A heavily Apple theamed site with 2 comics, a large semi-regular updated one and a more regular 4 panel strip.
Sinfest Beautifully drawn online comic that's updated virtually every day. Its main protagonists are a Calvin (as in Calvin and Hobbs) lookalike kid who fancies himself as a streetwise hustler and his slacker female friend. Also has guest appearances by God, the Devil, a couple of cutesy angels, and a cat and dog double act.
Penny Arcade Excellent online strip that comments on recent computer gaming news.
Diesel Sweeties Online strip drawn in a style reminicant of the classic Maniac Mansion adventure game (blocky characters with large heads). The cast includes a clueless robot who's dating an ex-pornstar, her eager younger sister, and a pompous Indie rocker. What's not to love?
PVP Yet another online comic with a gaming theme but this is definitely worth catching.
Octopus Pie Bizarre tales of a couple of women who house share in Brooklyn.
The Abominable Charles Christopher A beautifully drawn strip following the quest of an abominable snowman.

Blogs and Podcasts

The Greatest Movie Ever! Reviews of the greatest and the 'greatest' movies ever hosted by The Almighty Gooberzilla.
Anime World Order Indepth reviews and news from the world of anime.
Slate Daily Podcast An online magazine which covers American affairs. The Slate Daily Podcast features a rota including the Political Gabfest and the Cultural Gabfest.
Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo's Film Reviews Weekly film reviews by the volatile Dr Kermode.
This American Life Home of the National Public Radio show which offers stories of everyday American life.
Answer Me This Crazy answers to crazy questions from Helen and Olly (and Martin the sound man).
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